Alex Li

(216) 624-6222 ยท

I am a dual major in Theoretical Mathematics and Computer Science (AI Specialization) at the Ohio State University. I am interested in complexity theory, graph theory, and machine learning.


Software Engineering Intern


Modernize and add features to an open source Javascript library that allows sharing of information among third party libraries. Migrate tests to jasmine/karma, setup build system with yarn using grunt using Closure, add a feature, and review peer PRs on github.

Build an open source JavaScript library for data collection. Sites write simple code to say which events they want, the library sends data about events to libraries of choice (e.g. Google Analytics) and stores data automatically with software of choice (e.g. cookies). Made SPA test site with react, html/css, redux.

Summer 2020

Research in Machine Learning

Under Mikhail Belkin

Implement a kernel-based machine learning algorithm "Eigenpro" that improves the convergence speed of SGD by reducing spectral decay using python/numpy. Publish algorithm in the sklearn-extra machine learning library. Create documentation website.

Summer 2018 - Present

Research in Topology

Under Facundo Memoli

Prove results relating to the Gromov-Hausdorff metric for distances between metric spaces, particularly the unit circle/sphere with geodesic distance. Computationally generate lower bounds on these distances using integer linear programming as well as a combination of a pruning algorithm and parallel processing with AWS.

Summer 2019

Data Quality Intern

FCX Performance

Clean address data with Excel, design algorithm to reduce the amount of manual work. Give recommendations for improving data quality short-term and long-term by considering patterns in the data. Utilize WTTE-RNN model to predict churn of customers given their buying history.

Summer 2019

Software 1 Intro to Java TA/Grader

Ohio State University

Work 7 hr/week for a semester assisting in lab, holding office hours. Grade projects and HW.


Ohio State University

BS Computer Science - AI Track, Honors Mathematics

GPA: 3.948

Autumn 2017 - Spring 2021

Mentor High School

GPA: ~3.5

Autumn 2013 - Spring 2017


Programming Languages & Tools


  • Competitive Programming Club - President

    Plan and lead weekly meetings. Give and listen to student driven weekly lectures showcasing problems which require deep knowledge of data structures and great mathematical creativity. Create major changes in meeting structure and club mission. Host and plan school ICPC competition.

    Autumn 2018 - Spring 2021
  • ICPC NAQ @ Ohio State (2017 - 2nd, 2018 - 1st, 2019 - 1st)
  • ICPC ECNA (2017 - 53rd, 2018 - 33rd, 2019 - 23rd)
  • Brain Health Hack 2018 - Overall best project. Write Python code to detect tremor severity in patients with Parkinson's or Essential Tremor, removing noise via FFT based algorithm. Improve algorithm by seeking out professionals in signal processing. Present in 2018 Brain Health Performance Summit and co-founded Tremo LLC.
  • Code for Community - Constructing the front end of a website used to fight adolescent depression as part of a charity.
  • OSU Green Engineering Scholars - OSU Honors program encouraging Green principles and community service.
  • AI Hackathon 2018 Detect if a tweet was made by trump using a simple 1-gram model
  • AI Hackathon 2019 Detect if a cancer tumor defined by numeric data such as size is benign or not.
  • Hack/OHIO 2018 Create an android application for voting in groups using various voting algorithms.
  • Hack/OHIO 2019 Create an android application to scrape data from OSU's site and automatically create a schedule for your classes to graduate quickly in the CS major.
  • Epee fencing top 60 nationwide - youth division (2017)

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